University study in Turkey: A complete overview

For Tunisian students, the experience of studying in Turkey is exceptional, all the more so when it is accompanied by Eduworld. If you want to study in Turkey and benefit from personalized accompaniment, our agency is your best choice!  With us, not only do you have the advantage of not having to worry about a visa application, but you also have access to a vast choice of public and private universities, all carefully selected for their academic excellence and international ranking.

One of Eduworld’s strengths is its expertise and strong network, which ensures that you are directed to the educational institutions most suited to your field of study and academic goals.

The Turkish education system:your gteway to success

Turkey, your gateway to international higher education, currently has almost 200 higher education institutions, both public and private. This system, which is in perfect harmony with European higher education, is made up of three cycles, each leading to degrees of great value for your university studies in Turkey:

  • The Associate Degree (vocational): 2 years or the Bachelor/Lisans Diplomasi (bachelor’s degree): 4 years
  • Master/Yuksek Lisans Derecesi: 2 years
  • Doctorate: 3 or 4 years

A world of opportunities in a variety of fields

Turkey offers an impressive range of specialisations, from law to literature and economics. Among the most popular courses for international students are medical studies (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy), engineering (computer science, aeronautics, mechanics, electrical engineering), as well as exciting courses in finance and business (business management, international trade, public relations).

Your academic year in Turkey: When do you start your adventure?

The academic year in Turkey is divided into two main semesters, from September to January and from February to June. This structure gives you invaluable freedom: you can choose between these two terms to begin your academic adventure. This flexibility allows you to tailor your course to suit your preferences and timetable, ensuring that your university study experience in Turkey is perfectly suited to your needs.

Visa simplified thanks to Eduworld

Before applying for a visa, all student visa applicants must be accepted and approved by their school or program. Once accepted, educational institutions will provide each applicant with the necessary approval documents to present when applying for a student visa. Issuance of the student visa will take no more than 7 days from the time the applicant submits the application.

The language of instruction: Find your path

Turkish public universities offer their courses in Turkish, while private institutions offer programs in English. Depending on the university, the program and the requirements, language proficiency tests or certifications are required. You can expect to take tests such as the TOMER for Turkish, the TOEFL for English, or the YÖS for both languages (note that the English test is not compulsory in Turkey). It is important to note that these tests are often optional, and there are opportunities for acceptance without language assessment. The YÖS does not measure language skills, but is equivalent to the Turkish baccalaureate.

Our role

Thanks to the expertise of its academic teams and the means and resources it deploys, particularly its network of local service providers, EDUWORLD is able to offer you personalized assistance and provide you with services that match your aspirations.

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