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Geographically, culturally and linguistically very close, France is one of the most popular destinations for Tunisian students. In addition to its proximity, its world-renowned Grandes Écoles and faculties whose names are synonymous with academic excellence, such as Sorbonne Université, Panthéon-Assas, Paris Dauphine-PSL, etc., the quality of the instruction provided by all its higher education institutions and its range of courses make France a particularly attractive destination. Thanks to the assistance offered by our Tunisian agency for studying in France, you can obtain all the information you need about the procedure for studying in France.

French higher education system 

Like all countries that have signed up to the Bologna Process, the French higher education system offers an LMD: Licence, Master, Doctorat (Bachelor’s-Master’s-Doctorate) system, which is identical to the Tunisian system in terms of years and degrees.

  • There are 3,500 public and private institutions offering a wide range of courses:
  • Engineering, Business and Management schools, universities and communities of universities and establishments, higher schools of art, architecture schools, doctoral schools and private schools and institutes.
  • CPGE (Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles) : Preparatory Classes for Grandes Écoles
  • Other non-university courses, such as BTS and STS.
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A wide range of academic disciplines   

In terms of specialities, France remains a destination of choice, with all fields represented, including: law (all disciplines – from business law to intellectual property law), engineering (computer science, agronomy, aeronautics, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, etc.), medicine (including dentistry), veterinary medicine, architecture, economics, pharmacy, business management, international business, literature, European and Oriental languages, etc.

Academic calendar in France: Plan your journey

In France, the academic year is structured around two distinct semesters. The first runs from September to December, while the second spans the months of January to May. This division provides essential flexibility for students who wish to adjust their program to suit their academic needs and preferences.

This diversity of choice ensures that every student can find a timetable that suits their learning pace and academic plans in France. Don’t hesitate to explore the different options available to help you plan your academic career.

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Admission to France: Your path to academic success

Admission to higher education in France is a crucial step in your academic career. Any baccalaureate holder or student wishing to enter this gateway to educational excellence must go through the Campus France procedure. This process requires meticulous preparation, particularly when it comes to interviews. Eduworld , the Tunisian agency for studying in France, is here to guide you through the admission process, providing you with the essential information and advice you need to ensure a solid and successful application.

Study visa in France: Your gateway to academic excellence

If you have successfully completed the admission process to study in France, the next crucial step is to obtain a long-stay study visa. This is done through TLS, where you will need to submit your application. It is important to note that it can take up to 45 days from the time you submit your application for your visa to be issued. We’re here to help you navigate the visa process, providing you with the information and advice you need to ensure a smooth entry into France.

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Language in France: Your key to knowledge

A good command of the French language is essential to succeed in your studies in France. Unless you join one of the few English-only programs among the 1,200 on offer, teaching is carried out mainly in French. To ensure a smooth academic experience, you will need to master the language and obtain a language certification. Recognized certificates such as the TCF, DELF and DALF attest to your proficiency in French.

Role of Eduworld : Your educational success at your fingertips

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