Study abroad from Tunisia: Explore new educational horizons

In 2021, Eduworld was created in response to an increasing demand. More and more parents of secondary school students, baccalaureate holders and university students are finding themselves overwhelmed by the complexity of the procedures associated with studying abroad. With these realities in mind, Eduworld is committed to simplifying and making accessible the path to a quality international education. Our mission, as a study abroad agency in Tunisia, is to accompany you throughout your educational journey. We understand that choosing a destination for your university studies abroad is a crucial decision. Therefore, we put our expertise, our network of international partners and our unwavering commitment at your disposal to guide you through this thrilling educational adventure.

A personalised educational adventure with Eduworld

With its network of international partners, EDUWORLD is well-placed to offer you real opportunities to study abroad and to boost your chances of success, thanks to the assistance it provides: – Comprehensive information on enrollment processes at international higher education institutions (private and public), as well as language centers – Completion of your admission file(s) – Advice on your educational choices – A dedicated adviser to assist you, build your study abroad project with you and provide you with sound advice throughout the process for which you have chosen EDUWORLD’s expertise. – A translation service through our network of translation partners. If there is any non-conformity with the original documents, we will take over the translation. – If required, an Apostille service provided by a sworn notary on the official list of accredited notaries. – Assistance in finding accommodation in Turkey, Hungary , France , and Spain.

Our expert team: the backbone of EDUWORLD

At the heart of EDUWORLD, you’ll find our dynamic and highly skilled team of over fifteen professionals. They include academic affairs officers, academic advisers, admissions officers, customer satisfaction managers and partnership managers. Our team is the central pillar of our agency, and is not only well-trained in the various university systems abroad, but also in good pedagogical practices. Each member of our team is dedicated to the success of your educational project abroad. We are here to guide you, support you and ensure you have an outstanding educational journey.

Our commitment to your success

We broaden your educational horizons by offering you a diverse range of 100 programmes in a wide variety of specialities in a selection of ten destinations. And our commitment doesn’t stop there. We also provide invaluable assistance in finding accommodation in a range of destinations, as well as relevant services to ensure your academic success.

Our ability to offer you this complete package is based on a solid network of 10 trusted international partners and carefully selected local service providers, including our sworn translators. At EDUWORLD, we are a human-scale organization, with the skills and resources needed to meet your expectations. Our sole objective is to contribute to the success of your educational project, by offering you an enriching and personalized experience. This is who we are, and this is what we do at our best!

Education of managers
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Our fundamental values for a bright future

In this special mission to assist the youth and help them soar academically, we are driven by three values:

– Respect: which we place at the top of best practice and cultivate on a daily basis, vertically and horizontally, between each member of our team as well as with each of our contacts, both service providers and candidates.

– Commitment: individually and collectively, and beyond deploying their know-how within a structure, our staff members embody the company and the project it supports.

– Team spirit: the secret behind the performance and longevity that each of us nurtures with the aim of building a welcoming professional environment that is ready to meet the expectations of our candidates.

Choose EDUWORLD! A local agency specialized in providing personalized guidance and support to high school graduates and students aspiring to pursue higher education abroad. Don't hesitate, the first consultation with one of our academic advisors is on us!


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