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Studying in Malta means studying in an island country in the Schengen area, located just 538.96 km from Tunis as the crow flies – close to home, so to speak. Studying in Malta also means pursuing your studies in high-quality, even top-level, educational institutions in a small territory that is extremely welcoming to international students. While Malta is renowned for its English language, the official language alongside Maltese, it also offers a wide range of disciplines and cutting-edge programs.

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Higher education institutions and programs offered

Malta has a single public university, the University of Malta (UM), with 04 campuses (Msida, Valletta, Gozo and Marsaxlokk) housing numerous faculties, centers, institutes and doctoral schools in a wide range of specialities. These include: the Arts, Economics, Management and Accounting, Environment, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Medicine and Surgery, including Dentistry, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Law, Media, Biomedical Cybernetics, Molecular Medicine, Aerospace Technology, Linguistics, and more. Numerous public institutions in the fields of commerce, tourism and communication complete the range of options on offer.

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The Maltese higher education system

Like many European countries, Malta’s higher education system is based on the LMD: Licence – Master – Doctorat (Bachelor’s – Master’s – Doctorate) system. Its short and long courses lead to a certificate (1 to 2 years), a Bachelor’s degree (3 to 4 years), a Master’s degree (1 to 2 years) and a doctorate (3 years or more).

Mature teacher working with students inside classroom at school university
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For programs taught in English, depending on the field of study, IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge certification is required.

Annual academic calendar and enrollment periods

2 semesters and one academic year from the end of September to June.

Visa procedure

It can take up to 45 days for a study visa to be issued, starting from the date on which the is submitted by the candidate.

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